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Groom and Bride Body Painting

Groom and Bride Body Painting

These two lovely ladies decided they wanted to be painted as a Bride and Groom.  It turned out to be a very enjoyable session with some excellent results. They were both wonderful to work with…


Bride and Groom Body Painting


And.. here is a whole gallery of images from the shoot.  Note that none of these have post production work done on them.

Bride and Groom

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[img src=]38320
[img src=]38070
[img src=]39250
[img src=]41770
[img src=]50440
[img src=]37380
[img src=]48590
[img src=]38980
[img src=]37650
[img src=]35820
[img src=]35510
[img src=]36390
[img src=]57240
[img src=]39160
[img src=]38050
[img src=]35750
[img src=]32770
[img src=]33910
[img src=]61450
[img src=]32060
[img src=]27470
[img src=]25230
[img src=]23150
[img src=]25060
[img src=]22790
[img src=]20570
[img src=]20450
[img src=]20110
[img src=]20390
[img src=]35840
[img src=]24170

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