About Us

We are Body Artists specializing in Body Painting.

I want to tell you about us.  In the following paragraphs I discuss our background and experience in body painting and some of the other body arts. There are many aspects of the temporary Body Arts that we are proficient in.  Body Painting is just one of those arts and the one this site is dedicated to talking about.  In addition to body painting we also do face painting, henna or mehendhi, bindi, airbrush tattoos and temporary tattoos.


The Tale of the Mighty Eagle

Once upon a time (the early 1990’s) a simple, yet wise man lived with his loving wife and family of 4 children. There were 3 daughters and 1 son.  They lived a happy and simple existence in the south suburbs of Chicago, having recently moved from Houston, Texas.

One day his wife went to the market and returned with a book.  In this book were many of the secrets to the mysterious and wonderful magic of transforming ordinary people into magical characters like lions, and tiger, and butterflies and fairies.  The wife handed the book of secrets to her devoted husband and said, “Paint the kids faces – make them into these mythical characters.”

The husband, being a wise man, gave his wife the wisest response any man can ever provide to the woman he loves, “Yes dear.  Whatever you say.”

He painted the children and they became lions and tigers.  His wife was pleased, his children joyous and he was happy and satisfied.

The neighbor heard of the magic he could bestow on their children and asked him to transform their children.  And he did.

And the town folk at his school and church implored him to perform his magic on their children.  And he did.

A lady of the town requested he join her sons birthday celebration to cast his spell with his magic brushes over her son and his friends.  And he did.

And all the town folk who he touched were happy.

Then one day, while working at a child’s celebration can changing their faces into Spidermen, butterflies and more, the lady of the house approached the wise man and asked of him, “Kind sir, can you share your magical talents with me, an adult, and transform my whole body into a mighty eagle?”eagle2pkd

Slightly taken aback, but intrigued, he relied, “Of course, fair lady.  But not at this party with 5 and 6 year olds to be witnesses.”  The fair lady agreed.

Several days later they met again, and the wise man of magic performed his art upon her body and she became a mighty eagle. He captured her image upon film (not digital) and shared it with others who wondered at the magically art hi had performed.

Many others have since enjoyed the transformation.

And their kingdom flourished.

Well, that is more or less, how I got started.  I was going to through in a dragon, maybe a knight in shiny armor, but that would not have followed the story in truth.  The above is actually almost exactly how it took place, with the exception that I don’t recall the exact words.