Welcome to Chicago Body Painting

Welcome to Chicago Body Painting

Providing Premium Body Painting services in Chicago…

… and other parts of the country for nearly 20 years.

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Our company consists of Thom (that’s me!), several of my daughters as well as other artists whom I have trained in body painting or worked with in the past. I began body painting when it was an art form in its infancy.  There were very few body painters in Chicago, and for the matter the United States.  Europe for some reason, seemed to have a fair number of artists.  You can find out more about the story of my journey into body art in the section titled ABOUT US.

There is so much to body painting!  The INFORMATION page gives you some general information about the art form, techniques and a host of various other topics.

We offer a variety of SERVICES.  Be sure to check out the SERVICES page for ideas on how you can use and benefit from Body Painting. The Services area is divided into several areas.  I have one focused on Events and Business. Another area is for those wanting a Private Body Painting session. There are also areas talking about Designs and Idea to incorporate body painting. Finally a section which talks about what to expect at a body painting session.

And not Body Art site is complete without many GALLERIES of images.  I broke our galleries into two (2) pages.  TheGENERAL GALLERIEScontains representative images of the type of work we do.  The MILITARY GALLERY is limited to the work that was done for the Military Body Painting Calendars.

In the General Galleries I also have THE VAULT.  I have included some on my original work from the early days of my Body Painting.  The techniques and quality has changed dramatically since the ’90’s. I thought it might be interesting to see where it all began.

If you are under 18, please leave immediately!!

Enjoy and contact us if you are in need of an experienced and versatile Body Artist.


And don’t forget to check out the Military Body Painting Calendar Website…